Welcome to CSR Test Easy 

 We focus on molecular diagnosis for diseases in human and animals  

Our Vision

The vision is to enhance health awareness and improve the level of medical care.

Our aim is to create a service organization that will provide quality services around the world.

 CSR Test Easy  

 Diagnosis is the critical link between health, prevention and treatment. Diagnostics are critical to animal health,   identifying health problems before they are detected by other means and supporting faster diagnosis and   treatment planning. Early diagnosis requires your participation. 

Research Area

Innovative research and technique development

We want to become an innovative research, technique development company focusing on molecular diagnosis for infectious disease or cancer.

Test Easy focuses pioneering research and invests on spin-out companies from the laboratory of universities or institutes.

List of research areas: 

01     Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a malignant tumor that occurs in the epithelial tissue of the breast

02     Cervical Cancer

Usually called uterine cancer actually refers to endometrial carcinoma (endometrial carcinoma), also known as uterine corpus cancer, which occurs in the epithelium of the uterus, most of which are adenocarcinomas.

03     Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is the general term for malignant tumors that occur in the oral cavity 90% are squamous cell carcinomas.

04      Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer mortality in men. Almost all prostate cancers develop from glandular cells.

05      Colon Cancer

Colon cancer is a common malignant tumor of the digestive tract that occurs in the colon. It is more likely to occur at the junction of the rectum and the sigmoid colon.

06      Liver Cancer

Liver cancer refers to malignant tumors that occur in the liver. It is the top three cancer in many countries. Liver cancer is a cancer with a high mortality rate.

Diagnosis Techniques

Urine testing

Urine testing may be as effective as the smear test at preventing cervical cancer and could significantly increase participation rates for screening.

Gene methylation detection

Gene methylation detection (PCR fluorescent probe method) consists of 2 steps.

MicroRNA detection

MicroRNA (miRNA) is a class of non-coding single-stranded RNA molecules with a length of approximately 22 nucleotides encoded by endogenous genes, which are widely present in various organisms from plants, viruses to humans

 Pet Diagnostics in CSR Test Easy 

 We want to become an important player in molecular diagnosis for diseases in animals  

Animal Disease Diagnosis

We works on animal disease diagnosis. The diseases of pets are mainly divided into infectious diseases and internal diseases. Taking cats and dogs as examples to analyze the common diseases.

Common diseases of dogs:

1) Canine distemper  2) Canine parvovirus enteritis  3) Rabies, infection by lyssavirus  4) Canine infectious hepatitis

5) Canine sarcoidosis  6) Eczema  7) Dermatitis  8) Canine demodicosis.

Common diseases in cats:

1) Abscess  2) Flea allergic dermatitis, FAD  3) hyperthyroidism 4) Kidney disease  5) Diabetes  6) Pancreatitis  7) Feline urinary tract disease

8) Dental disease, affects 85% of cats over 3 years of age  9) Arthritis 12% of cats over 12 years of age suffer from arthritis.

Common diseases of horses:

1) Common infectious diseases such as equine melioidosis  2) Parasitic diseases include internal gastrointestinal nematodes (paraascaris equine, roundworm equine, etc), external parasites (horse flies, ticks) and blood Protozoan disease (horse piriformis)  3) Internal diseases such as stomatitis, pharyngitis, sialadenitis, esophagitis  4) Poisoning diseases such as pesticide poisoning, snake venom poisoning, bee venom poisoning, trauma; inflammation, tenosynovitis, bursitis, joint trauma.